Hey there! I'm
MangTik Chiu

I am a first year MS CS student at UIUC. I obtained my Bachelor's degree of CS at HKUST. I am interested in everything and is always looking for opportunities to learn more. I am particularly interseted in Machine Learning and Computer Vision, as well as their applications in Human Computer Interactions.


I had some great experiences that taught me a lot.

Junior Research Assistant

From Jun-Aug 2018, I was appointed as a junior research assistant by Prof. Chi-Keung Tang at HKUST. I worked with the professor and several groups of undergraduate students on various computer vision problems. We are looking forward to present our ideas at the incoming computer vision conference! (Projects on-going)

Undergraduate Research

Since Spring 2017, I have been researching on Emotion Recognition from Gait. I hope to explore the possibilty of visually recognizing pedestrians' emotions through their walking patterns. We envision ample opportunities and applications of our work, especially when facial expression involves privacy issues, or when they are difficult obtain.

International Design Experience

In Summer 2017, I participated in the Harvard-HKUST design experience. We designed, manufactured and assembled a Personal Electric Vehicle in Harvard University. I took part in all of Mechanical, Electrical and Software. Our team successfully built a functional PEV within the period of 6 weeks.

HKUST Robotics Team

From 2015-2016, I was the Head of Software of the HKUST Robtics Team, ROV subteam. We designed underwater robots from scratch. I was responsible for UI design, control station to robot communication, robot vision. Our team won the 1st place in the regional/Asia competition and 4th place in the International competition.


I had a summer internship in 2016 working in a local company. I was responsible for implementing a P2P system using TCP/UDP hole punching, which is used for DVR/User match-making. The implementation enabled minimum load on the server provided by the company.


Here are some projects that I have worked on.

Santander Product Recommendation

Machine Learning


Big Data Mining and Management


Cloud Computing


Computer Graphics


Here are some major advantures I had in the past 4 years.

  • 2015-2016

    Getting professional

    After a year of preparation and self-training. I participated in the HKUST Robotics Team and led a team of software engineers. I learned a lot about robotics, and shared a lot more of what I knew. It was a major turning point in my college life.

  • Fall 2016

    Cultural exposure

    A three-month exchange to an oversea university is always rewarding. A new education style encouraged me to reach out for opportunities, academic-wise and social-wise. Now I am eager to actively seek for even more experiences.

  • Jan 2017-Now

    Getting into research

    Undergraduate research plays a significant role in my university goals. Having an interesting yet novel topic to work on triggers my passion in digging deeper into the field of Computer Science. The passion and curiosity are the most important here.

  • Summer 2017

    Combining the two

    Nothing is more satisfying than being able to use all that I have learned in one project. Not only the technical knowledge, but the communication skills, widened mindset, all contributes to perfecting one solid project. Participating in the HKUST-Harvard research project allowed me to do just that.

  • Dec 2017

    "Academic paycheck"

    Months of work and research has finally paid off. Our paper titled Emotion Recognition through Gait on Mobile Devices has been accepted to the PerCom 2018 EmotionAware workshop! This is one tiny step for research, one giant leap to prepare myself for further studies.

  • Aug 2018

    New page in life

    Starting from August 2018, I will be studying for an MS CS degree at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign! The 2 year experience will no doubt offer me ample opportunities to learn and grow.

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